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FS Storage Wars Thunderbird 46,000 original miles stored since 1988

Guest BJM

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I went to check on a 1974 Jensen Healey at a storage facility this morning. I was allowed in to see it. This is enclosed, dry storage. The car was amazing and off the road since 1988, same spot since 1988.

In discussion, the next stall had a 1963-1965ish Thurnderbird coupe - not convertible - in stunning original condition. White with black vinyl interior, near perfect, perfect chrome, body and only some small issues on interior (one seam in headliner and one small tear in interior. AMAZING ORIGINAL 46,000 MILE CAR!

I want the Jensen Healey for $500-$1000. The T Bird is easily worth $5000 to $10,000. Price for the pair = $4000.00.

Catch? There is unpaid storage for $4000.00 and the manager wants to put these out to be bid on and once that happens they are gone. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Located in Des Moines Iowa, both cars in amazing low mileage condition, all original, one with 46,000 miles one with 47,000 miles.

If I had $4000 right now it would be a no brainer. Long story behind the reason they are available not to told here. Anyone interested in the Thunderbird? I am not much of a Thunderbird expert but this is certainly worth $3000-$3500 for a pristine original car with only 46,000 original miles?

You tell me, PM fast if interested! Be serious and it may take going out on a limb a little with trusting me because there probably isn't time to come look at them. The storage manager has stated that there have been several in to look at them.

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Does he have the titles or some sort of lien release or ??? What would you get to verify proof of ownership?


It is a long, somewhat complicated story. I have a Ford friend driving down today and we will check them out and I will add photos, but he will probably purchase the 64 Thunderbird and I the 74 Jensen Healey.

Here's the back story: Husband and wife split but never divorced in 1990. Husband put a 64 Ford Thunderbird with 45,000 original miles in pristine condition and a 1974 Jensen Healey with 46,000 original miles in a storage "container" right next to it - in 1988. Drained all gas. They have not been started since.

He has paid over $70,000 in storage costs for the past 23 years. Passed away in 2010. Wife, never divorced just seperated, became next of kin and HAS THE TITLES AND KEYS but stopped paying the storage. Storage fees are up to nearly $4000. Due to recent purchases, I only have a nest egg of $2000 and basically only wanted the Jensen Healey for $500.

Once I saw the immaculate condition of the Jensen Healey I asked to view the T-Bird. You know how you hope to find "barn finds" stored in excellent conditions and untouched, like valuables placed in a vault? This is it. The Thunderbird has PERFECT bone white body only needing a wash to bring it back from a 24 year slumber. The interior is near mint with a sagging seam in the headliner. Perfect dash, door panels, rear seat, glass you name it.

The chrome is mint. Undercarriage rust free and an honest 45,000 miles. So, the widow says pay the storage fees, and the cars are yours. So, I checked values on 64 T Birds with 45,000 original miles and an instant HPOF car - they ranged from $9,000 to $17,000. This one can be had for $2900 in storage fees, you get the keys and title free and clear BUT she lives in Pennsylvania so there is some trust involved. To me, it's a NO BRAINER. If you pay the storage fees, you get the cars, she seems like a nice lady who just doesn't want to be bothered with the cars.

Storage facility says they will be auctioned by the end of the month and they could pull the trigger anytime.

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Thanks Bryan, sounds like you got it all handled with your Ford guy coming down, looking forward to seeing pics!

My Ford friend passed but his knolwedge was put to good use. Per Mark, the engine should be painted black with a gold air cleaner and this one is painted blue, whole motor is Ford blue. The intake manifold is date coded 1964 however. Mark and I disagree over the original mileage. He believes it has much more then 45,000 I do not. His evidence is the motor, a few tears on the drivers door armrest and what he sees as a repaint of the rear pan below the bumper and the passenger front fender.

We found no "smoking gun" receipt evidence one way or the other in the car. I can tell you this, both the Thunderbird and the Jensen Healey have been off the road since 1988. They are both wonderful cars that would save an enthusiast tons of time.

The Thunderbird interior is very nice. There is a seam in the headliner that has seperated, some light pitting on some chrome trim and about 2 tears in the drivers arm rest that have black electrical tape over them. BUT, you can't duplicate an original interior like this for several thousand dollars. Vinyl is still supple.

Body is arrow straight and done in Wimbledon White with no vinyl top (which is nice in my opinion) Exterior chrome is good driver quality BEFORE any polishing. There is a dime size dent in the front bumper. 4 hubcaps. Underneath is beautiful, no floor rust and what appears to be original exhaust.

Price for my purposes is about $2800-$3000. The cars will be released with payment of storage fees, which are close to $4000. I will takethe Jensen Healey for $1000.










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