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Knock off nut French Translation


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I am looking to get new Knock off wheel nuts made for my 1922 Metallurgique which is fitted with Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels. They have the Rudge whitworth bage engraved in the centre and they have French writing engraved around the outer edge of them.

I would have posted a photo but they are very hard to read as they have been well crunched over the years and the engraving is very shallow and nearly impossible to see in a photo.

As one side is Left hand thread and the other side is Right hand thread they have GAUGE (left)on two of them and DROIT (right) on the other two however all have an arrow after the word with a D in the middle of the arrow.

Obviously this D means either tighten or remove or on or off or something like that but I would like to know if anyone can tell me what this means.


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Look what the words mean in French, David. ( There may be minor spelling difference in Flemish). English words derived from these are "gauche", which refers to social awkwardness, and "adroit", which is an approximate opposite, meaning dextrous, or skillful. Anyway, they signify left and right hand threads in this case.

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