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Well, first and most important, you must be a member of the national AACA to show at official Spring and Fall Meets as they are called. You do not have to be a member of a Region or Chapter though.

Vehicles accepted for class judging must be twenty-five years old or older and as they could have come from the factory. That means that they can be any color that was available for the year, make and model that a vehicle is. They must be in orginial or restored to original condition. There is a DPC (Driver Participation Class) where some modifications are allowed such as radial tires, add on A/C, etc. for folks that don't want to go through class judging or have done that and now want to tour and enjoy their vehicles with some of the modern items.

Here is the link to the 2012 Judging Guidelines. It would be helpful to you to give it a read to understand how we do the judging/evaluating in the AACA at national meets. After you have checked it out come back with any questions and there are lots of folks here that will help with those.


Vehicles that would be classed as: Street Rods, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, "Modifieds", modern iron, etc. are not permitted to be shown at national AACA meets. Some Regions and Chapters do hold local events and they can allow whatever they choose to into those shows.

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You really should consider going to Hershey but you are too late to register your antique car for this year. The Hershey meet, like all National AACA meets requires pre-registration. The deadline for Hershey was August 20th.

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Thank you Susan! I will check the guidelines. Registration is best before the day of the event?

You are very welcome. MCHinson and I are both among those that judge. As does my husband and LOTS of others. Don't know where you live but if you are ever close enough to a Hershey or another national meet be sure and sign up to take the judges school and learn first hand how we are trained. Who knows, you might want to also enjoy that side of the hobby. Great folks and we are trained the same in the same classes that go on at most meets. If you go you will get a free hard copy of the Judges Guidelines to go over and overline things that apply to your vehicle or things you want to remember.

A very important thing to know and remember----be sure when you tour or show (locally or at meets/events) to have a fire extinguisher at all times. There are so many stories out there for real of vehicles saved by having one or lost by not having one. And in the AACA it is REQUIRED that you have one for each and every vehicle you to bring to an event. NOT one for all of the ones you bring. Not having them results in disqualification. A sad thing to have happen after so much work to get there.

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