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Big week ahead for the my SS Reatta

Guest my3buicks

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Guest my3buicks

Big week ahead for the my SS Reatta

Dropped it off today at the my upholsterer - getting the pigskin suede replaced on the left hand side of the drivers seat top to bottom - we worked for the last almost month finding just the right hides to match the color of all the existing good suede in the car. ( I got an extra hide just in case it is needed for the future). He is also going to of course redo all the unseen padding and he is also going to put in a new bladder.

While there it will also get treated to a new headliner - once back from there the interior will be excellent.

My son will pick the car up for me as I will be on vacation with my 67 Buick (taking it to Rehoboth Beach for a show) and take it to the body shop where it will wet sanded and buffed.

When I get home then I can work on a couple mechanical things to get it ready to drive out to Hershey in October.

I think I am loving this car to much :D

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