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running the engine without tranny/clutch

Guest roadmaster56

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Guest roadmaster56

I'm trying to determine an engine vibration on my 48 New Yorker with Fluid Drive. I think it may be in the clutch assembly as it is very worn.

Here's my question:

Can I run the engine for a few minutes or so without the tranny and clutch installed. Would this harm anything? This would tell me if one of the clutch components might be the source of the vibes.


David in Santa Cruz

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NO! With out the transmission input shaft supporting the Fluid Drive coupling it will vibrate severely and damage the bellows seal and graphite ring! It will then leak fluid in a big way! Take the clutch disc and cover out and re install the trans to test your theory on cause of the vibration.. The FD coupling units have 2 different sized input shaft bushings that can wear and cause a vibration also. The FD coupling can be damaged internally-bent vanes and or a front bearing failure-that will make noise though.


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