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Can you help me locate a 1910 Flanders 20 Roadster......


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Just got off the phone with a fellow who owned a 1910 Flanders Roadster from 1961 to about 1976. Don still lives in Minnesota and would like to find out where this car is now. There can't be a whole lots of Flanders left in existence, so thought I'd try to help him locate it if possible. Thanks for any leads you can give us.

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Guest Bill Miller

There was a Flanders for sale in Hobart, Indiana about a year or two ago but I think it was a 1912. Nevertheless it might be worth a call to 219-310-4132 to find out. If it's not the right one, try the E-M-F Club which covers not only E-M-F's but also Everetts, Northerns, Flanders, and early Studebakers. Flanders was the "F" in E-M-F.


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Guest Flanders1912
a flanders of this year (but im not relaay sure) was on a rally in germany. There is a film on you tube ' snauflerrally ibbenburen' color was blue.

www.bloggen/.be/pre1930rally rally in Flanders.

Best regards.

Yes it´s my Flanders. There is anotherone in the nederlands.

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I purchased a 1912 Flanders 20 Suburban in late September. The previous owner also had a Flanders 20 Roadster which was not for sale. Send me a PM when you have a chance.

This is the Flanders 20 I purchased and the Roadster was in equally nice condition:


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