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1939 Buick century door sills.


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Do you want the embossed aluminum sill covers?

Series 41 is the same as series 61

Ann Bell (nuttybuick) sells them on ebay

I thought a '39 team member had found alternative source, but cannot find that post/thread

Any used sill cover is likely a to be worn / damaged

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Thanks, I had ordered them from Bob's but he is out of stock and didn't know when he'd get them.

My originals are really pretty good except for the driver's which has some rot on the part that goes under the carpet. After a completely new interior, everything that is not new, looks bad. I'll contact Ann. Has anyone bought them...do they look as good as originals?


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I suspect there may only one manufacturer. Not a lot of demand after all

Nuttybuck is very $$$$ for most items


Similar item item for 2 door cars


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Someone who specializes in making door sills for many different antique cars produces these Buick door sills, if I recall correctly. They used to advertise regularly in Hemmings Motor News, and sold directly to the public at that time. Would be worth a little search work, if they aren't currently advertising. John

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