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Dual Quad Intake, Chrome Dual Air Cleaner, Wood Steering Wheel, Lots of nice parts

Guest Kinmann

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I have parts I'm looking to sell.

-A really nice '64 Dual Quad intake (No stripped threads) again, very nice condition.

-A Beautifully rechromed Dual Quad 65-66 Air Cleaner, Extremely nice, Acorn Nut, Show Quality, non California emmissions...meaning one less hole in the side! Ready to bolt onto your show car

-64/66 Wood Grain Steering wheel with original horn bar....The horn bar IS NOT BROKEN! The wheel has two tiny hairline splits. I do not have a center button.

- Eelco Polished ribbed Valley pan, NEW

- NOS, BRAND NEW NEVER INSTALLED 63-64 Tail Panel...NOS...A needle in a haystack! Have fun finding that piece in original sheet metal! I tear up just thinking about it!

- 63/64 hood, Very nice, No rust thru...Really nice and straight/Solid

-New Windshield, never installed

-63 / 64 Front fenders, both sides, Just sanded to bare metal, hanging in my garage, sanded them last week, they are Terrific...I have never seen metal this nice

- 63 Trunk lid, Perfect, no rust or damage, sanded down also

- 63 / 64 door skins, both sides....Terrific Condition

- 401 Motor and Dynaflow...Both are in Terrific order and run and operate super

- 63 / 64 / 65 Gas Tank....Very Nice Original Condition...No rust, small/slight dent on bottom, easy to restore in a day, spray and put on!

- Lots and Lots of miscellaneous parts I've collected over the years. You could build a car easy.

I have a '63 car....stripped down, clean title..pretty solid.

Shoot me a call or email,


or call me at 919-333-1045



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