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1920's pot metal repairs plating and re-casting and interior/roof questions

Guest rhead

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As I start to examine my recent 24-48 purchase, I am finding little things that promise to be challenging in the restoration.

I am missing a window crank - better to locate one or recast from the one I do have? I ask this because the pot metal is definitely showing signs of fatigue on the one I have anyway....

Likewise, the drivers side inside lock is broken, but I have the piece that fell off - can this be easily repaired/re-cast?

The window cranks for the two rear windows show signs of aging as well, and seem to be seized up - I do not want to force them, so am thinking how to remove them, and once that is done, how to repair/recast/preserve them?

The windshield brackets are incomplete and are also easily broken or already broken (one disintegrated in my hand today).

I am missing the external passenger side door bale handle.

I have two inside rear quarter lights, but no ceiling light - hmmm...one would look good. I bought something off ebay that would work nicely, exact match to what I have in back, but am missing the "guts" for it - any suppliers for repop dome light innards out there?

The door latches look good, but I see minute signs of aging as well...time to replate.

Steering column and handbrake need plating - nickel I am supposing?

Instruments are decent, except the faceplate on the speedo/odometer is a bit surface rusted on the bottom - who is redoing faceplates for 1920's Buick instruments thesedays?

To nickel or not to nickel the winshield frame....I have all original plate glass in excellent condition, but am wondering if should toss for safety....

Where to find repop upholstery? Hampton is not that early.... How many yards to do seats, how many yards to do rest?

What is best way to remove lead drip rail prior to roof replacement? The wood is good....save the rail or easier to replace with repop?

Squirrels were living in the roof - acorns a-plenty been vaccuumed up. When wood is exposed would like to soak with a good "deoderizer". Suggestions? At least is not "mousy"...

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I would definitely replace the plate glass for safety purposes. In my opinion that stuff is just way to dangerous to keep if you plan on driving your car on the public streets.

You may have real difficulty in removing the potmetal handles from the window regulators as the old potmetal has a tendency to swell. The rear window cranks are probably frozen between the crank and the escutcheon. Once that happens there is only a slight possibility that you will ever get them free enough to reuse. In 95% of the cases when they reach that state they will never function as intended again.

For an external handle the only supplier that I am aware of is in Australia:

Vintage and Classic Reproductions - Buick Parts


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I believe daydreamer cast some Kissel interior handles for us a few years ago using the lost wax method. If so I can vouche for the quality of his work. Absolutely perfect. These handles had internal splines where they attached to the operating mechanisms and amazingly they fit without any filing or modification whatsoever.

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