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6 minutes ago, Bill Stoneberg said:

I can see the pictures and it looks like you went some nice places.


That's a few of the places.  Most everyone we visited was very nice and welcomed the interest.  There was two incidents where we were not that welcome,  and in one of those we were kicked out before I had a chance to get any pictures.  I did not sit in on many of the interviews conducted.  Forgot my hearing aides one day and then discovered they didn't help much the other days.  It's very frustrating to know someone is talking and you can only hear faint murmurs.  So for most of the interviews I just stayed outside.  Once it is all put together I am supposed to get a copy of the series.  I'll know more about the sites then.  


What is sad is that the one town we went to was quite the resort in the late 1800's till the 1930's or so.  Then in decline as the vacationers stopped coming many places simply could not maintain the properties.  There were up to 73 hotels in various sizes in this one sleepy Upstate NY town.  That big one I am parked outside of was completely closed and not just because of Covid issues.  We went to another that had been closed since 2005 and subsequently abandoned to the delight of vandals.  Many houses and properties are simply rotting in place.  It was sad to see some of that.  



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