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360 Virtual Tour - Antique Car Collection

Guest bjones@redhillsmedia.com

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Guest bjones@redhillsmedia.com

My work consist of developing virtual tours, I had the opportunity to do an excellent collection and just wanted to share with all. There are numerous way to navigate but to view interior PANORAMAS and the standard image galleries you need to use the drop down menu in the upper left. Ken's little museum covers his life in rural Oregon building hot rods, later inventing the air powered dental drill which led to Ken and his wife Joan founding A-Dec. Ken is holder of many patents. Ken Austin is known in the rodding arena for his multi-carb Austin Manifolds and Heads.

Ken and Joan Austin Private Car Collection

This is still a work in progress, audio should be added to each vehicle in the image galleries and interior panoramas for all of the cars, not just the six done (had to build a new rig for interiors as the old one had to much flex), enjoy, and comments and questions are appreciated.

Bill Jones

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Guest bjones@redhillsmedia.com

That's what those empty coke bottle are for :confused:

Navigation is the hardest part in putting something like this together. Ruin it with arrows and hot spots all over the place, hope people click on those little boxes on the lower left and see the icons? Hope they realize they can scroll around and up and own?? (I don't like to have a scene start with auto rotation). How about the drop down menu in the upper left? will anyone see it? will they try it? There is so much to see here, but if a viewer doesn't move around it's a waste.

One of the drop down menu links goes to interiors, hey, sit in the car and look around. About 4 percent of viewers ever get there and they are the hardest and most time consuming to create. So how do I get them there??

Ken and Joan Austin Private Car Collection Interiors

Anyway thanks for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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