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Rear hand brake cable repair on a 1937


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Hi there,

during a checkup underneath my 37 Roadmaster I pulled on the rear brake cable and suddenly held it in my hand. It just slipped out of the adjustment clevis stud. See attached photos. Looking at it it seems as if it is just held tight by pressure.

Question: How can I fix it? Is there some soldering involved? Do I just put the cable back in and tighten all nuts? What is this notch for in the union nut?

Thanks as always for your experience and practical help





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I think you may find that the piece with the notch can be removed from the threaded piece? Perhaps it has a taper, such that with the cable threaded through it, when you tighten the assembly, it squeezes the cable and holds it tight.

Just a guess - although I have a '38, it's a bit different in this area. Either they made a change from '37 to '38, or mine was changed over the years due to failure.


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thanks for the hint.

I did some try and error and finally pushed the insert out of the one nut. I had to widen the notch, re-insert the handbrake cable and tighten the whole thing real hard. Now it holds.

I attach some photos, maybe it helps future readers who might have the same problem. Sorry for the lousy quality. Made it with my iphone.





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