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5 new WWW 800-15 bias tires

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Wire wheels not included.

Five new 800-15 Coker Classic for sale.

Mounted but never installed on a vehicle....0 miles.

For judging, I need 760-15 so these are available at 25% off retail.

$750 total with free delivery to Charlotte / Hershey or ship at your cost.





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37 Packard,

I think Progoofoff means 25% OFF of retail - which would mean that he had paid $1,000 for 5 tires, or $200/each -

Certainly in line with today's pricing, and a fair option for anybody who could use that size (8.00-15)in a BIAS-PLY TIRE, 2-1/2 " Wide White.

I would likely jump on it if I needed tires, but am well-fixed for tires right now - could have used them for my 1954 Caddy convertible some time back.

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