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Terry Wiegand

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I was contacted by an old fellow in Wichita, Kansas who has a 1928 Buick Model 26 Coupe that he is wanting to sell. He explained that he and his wife are selling their property and

moving to an assisted living facility. The old Buick is going to have to go also. He told me that the car is pretty much original and has about 17,000 beleived actual miles on it. It was

sold new in Newton, Iowa. It can be started and driven at any time. I told him that it would be close to the first of the month before I could get over to look at it for him. He is not in a

great rush to let it go. I am letting the Buick enthusiasts know early about this in the desire to help this fellow find a good home for the car. I am not the most computer literate person

out there, I am just a lowly toolmaker and machinist, but, I can provide digital photos to interested persons once I see the car and get photographs. The car is a STANDARD model and

is a very good looking late twenties Buick complete with golf bag door he tells me. I will let the forum know when photos can be obtained. The asking price on the car is yet to be


Terry Wiegand


Phone/Fax - (620) 665-7672

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Terry, if it has a golf door then the car could be a model 26-S. If it has a rumble seat then it is a 26-S for sure. The model 26 only had a trunk.

Here is some more information on the model 26 and model 26-S for those that might have an interest. Taken from Seventy Years of Buick by George Dammann.

Model 26: Designed for the businessman was the Standard Six 2- passenger Coupe, Model 28-26, which was available only with a trunk. It cost $1,195 and weighed 3,215 pounds. Buick built 12,417, all for domestic sales. The dummy landau irons were standard equipment. This was the last year that Buick would use the old style wood-rimmed steering wheel.

Model 26-S: Slightly more popular than the 2-passenger coupe was the Standard Six Country club Coupe, Model 28-26-S. Buick built 13,211, all for domestic sales. The car cost $1,275 and weighed 3,300 pounds, and was available only in rumble seat form. Attractive features included the rumble seat army rests, dummy landau irons, padded rear quarter panels, and a golf club access door.

Look forward to seeing the pictures.

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