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Tire Troubles

Guest shfree

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I want to replace the tires that came with my 65 GS. They're Goodrich Radial TAs in 225/60 R15. Perfectly respectable tires, but wrong size and to me, wrong look. I've been looking on line for 225/75 R15s in a narrow whitewall. Has anyone had experience with Jetzon tires? I had never heard of them. Someone on a Corvette forum said that they are made by the same people who make Mastercraft tires. The Jetzon Innovation series comes in a 225/75 R15 narrow whitewall for about 100 bucks apiece on line. The only other solid prospect I've found so far is that Diamondback can make a set of

Diamondback IIs for about 250 bucks apiece. I'm sure that those are excellent tires, but are they 2 1/2 times better than the Jetzons?

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Summit Racing has real good pricing and shipping on the Coker tires correct for your car. The nice thing about the original tires is that the sidewall height is right and gives the car a better stance. And they don't rub the inner fenders. Of course, using biased tires means you might have to do some bushing and joint service on that 50 year old suspension.

Mine are 7.10 X 15 for the non-GS car.


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