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I expect there might be some editors that use kids to write an occasional article or column, but this is the first time I did it and I'm so excited with the outcome I wanted to share it. I was not going to be in town for our sister Region's show and there was no one else in the club I could get to take pictures and do a writeup. I asked a work associate if his daughter might want to write an article for my newsletter. I'm glad she agreed. She had a fresh perspective, the old car people enjoyed sharing their cars with someone new and shes got a new appreciation for old cars.




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Yes, the young authoress is good! And she'll probably save

that issue as a keepsake for the next 75 years!

The delicate job of editing was done well, too, keeping

her simple sentence structure.

I'm giving credit to the editor, too, because most 4th graders

don't have an understanding of the semi-colon---

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