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'48 Chrysler Windsor (C-38) delay in shifting - any help?

Guest Cheepnis

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Guest Cheepnis

Hi folks! Sorry if this has been addressed recently, but my searching didn't

find anything.

When my '48 Windsor is warmed up, I notice that it takes a while for the

transmission to shift to the next speed after I let up on the accelerator. When

the engine is cold, it's an immediate response, but when it's warmed up

(especially on a hot day) it can take 4-5 seconds. Much too long in traffic.

What would be causing this? Is it an easy fix?


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You could also check the oil in the transmission. Unscrew the pipe plug half way up the side, it should be filled to the hole with 10W motor oil. Stick your finger in, if you feel oil and it is like motor oil, good enough.

By the way now days we use TDH tractor oil, ISO22 grade, if you can't get ISO22 get ISO32. TDH stands for transmission, differential and hydraulic oil, it is good for the trans and the Fluid Drive.

If you do a search for 48 Chrysler Imperial and find the Imperial club web site, they have some original factory books on troubleshooting and repairing the fluid drive and transmission. They are identical on all Chrysler models.

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