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WTB, Maroon Seatbelt Worn Dirty Defective Preferred

ol' yeller

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OK, I'm going to make my own childseat strap. I need the long half of a maroon seatbelt. I have no need for the short half. I also will need an extra metal male piece of a second belt (the part that goes into the clasp. The long piece only needs about 1-1 1/2 foot of clean material and the metal end. If it is cut or dirty, it shouldn't be a problem as I plan to have the ends sewn to a bracket that attaches behind the normal seat belt attachment point. I do not need the retracting mechanism so if it doesn't work, it won't be a problem. Please price accordingly. This is great chance to get rid of something you just couldn't bring yourself to throw away.

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Marck, I need one sooner rather than later. Color isn't that important but I'd also like to try and match the interior if possible. I appreciate your offer and I'll take you up on it if nothing else comes up.

Mods, I thought I posted this in the Reatta Buy and Sell but in my aged feeble mind I must have messed up. Sorry, and please feel free to move this to the appropriate forum.


I will have a grey one later this month. if you want it, you can have it for the price of shipping. Not burgundy, but a good natural color.
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