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Oil pump screen retainer on 1948 Plymouth??


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I finally got around to putting the oil pan back on my 1948 Plymouth Convertible with the original 6 Cylinder and Can't remember what holds the Oil pickup strainer on the tube. Unfortunately I took it apart 1 year ago and now don't remember what held it in place. Is there a clip of some sort that I lost or is there an O ring that fits in the groove on the shaft so it has a friction fit? I checked my service manual and it only shows the assembly together. My 36 Chrysler 6 had a Cotter pin and a different configuration. No place for a cotter pin on this one unless I'm missing something. Please help. I need to get the pan back on so I can finally get the tie rods bolted back in and let it down on it's new White walls.

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On the chance that the 25" long block in my 1947 Canadian Dodge D25 has the same setup as your Plymouth, and that these photos are any help, here are three shots of the assembly before cleanup and two just prior to the pan going back on. Good luck!

Add'l: If these photos don't provide the necessary info (or even if they do) be sure visit the very active forums at www.p15-d24.com






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Thanks that photo is exactly what I was looking for. I eventually figured out it was a cotter pin but yours confirms it. Now I can rest a bit easier that I put the right thing back in. I just put my pan on a couple of hours ago. Went to put my tie rods back in and realized every boot is torn. Since I have new tie rods just incase., I guess now is a good time to put them in. Looks like the car wont be ready for the show but maybe I can get it on the road this coming week. I still have to rebuild the carb and Adjust the Brakes as well as mount the new Whitewalls to the Powder coated rims I just got back. It's coming together just not as fast as I wanted to. Too many interuptions. I should probably lock the doors and hide my truck at teh shop when I'm there. LOL.

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