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Fuel pump rebuild.

Guest Broomer

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Guest Broomer

My '65 Riviera needs a fuel pump. I bought one today and it is very cheaply

made. I took the original oem pump off due to it leaking at the diaphram.

It is a very rebuildable pump but I can't find anywhere in town that sells

rebuild kits for it, not even NAPA. They say they have not been available for years.

Does any one know of a source for a rebuild kit. I was able to get a rebuild kit

for the oem master cylinder and will have it resleeved.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, Broomer

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It has been two years since I contacted these boyz and I`m sure Hemmings lists quite a few rebuilders but Northwestern Auto Parts in Grand Rapids MI carries quite a few fuel and water pump rebuild kits. I have used them for years for the fuel pumps on my `60`s Oldsmobiles, some of which also incorporate a vacuum pump, and they always had the right stuff at a reasonable price. Good luck,

Tom Mooney

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