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2-1931 ford model A's for sale

Guest Wizard47

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Guest Wizard47

Both sold

1931 ford truck. Good project truck, most parts there. Major missing part=seat. Currently running off a fuel jug, the fitting and gauge are not in the tank right now. But I have the gauge. Driver door should has major dent but I would recommended shrinking damage and straightening cause there is no rust. All sheetmetal is pretty damn solid. Left rear fender is currently off due to the lip that plug welds to the bed, half is missing for whatever reason. Tires are prob 50 years old but they are brand new with rubber **** still on them. Truck just has bolts put in so it's solid but everything would have to be adjusted. Truck runs but I would tune up for all parts are old I.e. points, condensor, plugs. Other small parts that are currently not there are available from model a parts houses. 5500 Any questions call 650 255 2705. Thanks








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