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Early AC Lines

Fr. Buick

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I am slowly putting together a factory AC system on a '54 Super hardtop. So far all my hard parts, even the compressor, are tight and working.

The copper hard lines have about nine inches of flex hose near the compressor, with a copper mesh around them, and mine are shot.

Has anybody had luck in replacing that flex hose? Who, what, how?

I want to keep it as stock-looking as possible, but don't want to loose any of my R-12 in the process.

Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks a million, Willie, you just saved me a tone of money!!! I had no idea the stuff would be so easily gotten. They look like a perfect replacement. Thank you. I figured my only option was to pay a certain vintage AC shop to do a replacement. Now I am off and running!

Yes, Paul, the old ones are fried. And even if they are holding pressure now, add a hundred PSI, plus heat and engine vibration and see what soon may follow... Best to start with new rubber, especially with the price of R-12.

Once again, THANKS, WILLIE!!!

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