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identify this wire spoke wheel ?

Guest oldgascar

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Guest oldgascar

I am working on my Oldsmobile Pirate replica. I have a 3 choices for coming up with a set of hubs for my wheels for the car.

1st Find out what the wheel is in the picture enclosed and look for 4 of them for my car (use the hubs with larger rims and new spokes) I know it is not the correct hub for the Pirate but this hub if available it may look period correct, but then again maybe not. It may look too heavy/big

2nd Find someone who has 4 hubs from a sacrificial CDO.

3rd Machine my own hubs from an early 1900's Oldsmobile CDO wheel drawing I have.

I know Steve Moskowitz was involved in the building the Beautiful Pirate replica on display at the GM Heritage Museum and I would send an email to him but he must be very busy with the AACA East meet coming up. I would love to make it to the meet in Ocober, but my schedule will not allow it this year.

If anyone has any information on the wheel in the picture I would appreciate it. Or if anone has a hub for a wire wheel from a CDO they would like to sell or that I may borrow for a few days.

( I know, I said I have a drawing for the hub to machine a new one with, but it never hurts to have one in hand when replicating a part)


Bob Ferry

Louisville, Kentucky


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The above wheel is a Harley Davidson "Star" hub, with a 18 or 19 inch wheel rim, very common wheel to use on vintage dragsters. I'd hope you turn correct hubs using the factory blueprint you said you have. Nothing wrecks the look of a replica quicker than wrong looking wheels. Don't throw away time and money on the wrong looking parts. You don't want to spend your life answering "Why is that car on 1936 Harley wheels? " Bob

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Guest oldgascar

I probably will turn my own hubs. My drawings do not show detail as far as the distance from the outside of the hub to the center of the holes for the spokes and the diameter of the hole for the spoke. However I do know the wire spoke is 14 guage. Maybe I will need to make some educated guesses.

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