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1990 Red/Tan Fort Worth TX

Guest BJM

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I have been in contact with a Craigs List seller in Fort Worth Texas that has a red/tan 1990 coupe. She is ready to send it to the crusher as there has been no interest except from me. It is a typical worn out Reatta, she wants $750 but you can offer about anything as long as someone picks it up and takes it away.

Do we have any one in the area that is interested ? I want it but there are dozens of Reattas closer in similar condition. Thoughts?

Could someone store if I purchase? Until I can get to it. Probably not. 1990's are flying into the crusher yards.

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Can you PM me more info? Oh, and did you get my PM about my Driftwood coupe? I wasn't sure if it sent or not.

No on the Driftwood coupe/seats/needs.

Will forward information on Red/Tan 1990

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