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Need ti identify 4 coils and 4 distributors

old car fan

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Helping my neighbor go through his parts, basement is ful lthe first list as follows.4 coils and 4 distributors.Coils as #Autolite1g4060,delco2188,delco2176,p@d lc 19,dist as follows-delco remy duel point 6cyl,659 e,delco remy657d-1112 duel point 6cyl ,delco remy6235-1342,autolite iad6002-1g-12p.,.If anyone can help please do.They are for sale,.If i know what they fit.His Father was a collector and restorer for years, we got his desoto roadster alive after many many years,so ,a lot of parts are going to return to our Hershey .More to come.The whole basement is packed full. We want the folks that need the parts ,get them.

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Guest Commodore

The Autolite IAD6002 distributor fits these tractors.

Case, All 6-Cyl 600, 600G, 800G (Continental F209; H227 engine)

Fox River, 1958-59 6-Cyl Forage Harvester

Lundell, All 6-Cyl 55-17 w/Continental F224 engine

New Holland, All 6-Cyl 800, 810 Forage Harvester (Continental engine)

The Delco Remy 657D distributor fits: 1928 Auburn 110, 115 8 Cyl.

The Delco Remy 659E distributor fits: 1930 Chrysler 77, 80

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