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Nevada, Arizona and California Buick boneyards?


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I think it is so COOL when a son restores the car his father had.

Shows amongst other things the feeling's/respect you have for him.

Good for you, and family,

Dale in Indy

Thanks :-)

My dad gave me the skills that got me where I am today in life.

I am hoping to have this car done for his birthday next September. It has been a tough go though as there are not a lot of aftermarket parts made for this model...... hence the junkyard searches.

Dale in Indy

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I understand....................

My father never had/took the time to show me, but I observed him as he taught himself so many skills. We was a firm believer that IF YOU DON'T TRY, WELL, YOU WON'T.

Of the five children in our family, two of us have been able to practice his quote/moto.

I know he was proud of what I have done with my hands. He never saw my finished 41 Buick, but knew I was building it, and told all his friends. Like a lot of fathers back then, he couldn't say I LOVE YOU, but told all his friends how proud he was. That was his way of saying, I LOVE YOU........

I wish you well,

Dale in Indy

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