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Timing Cover Interchangeability


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Just bought a '75 Riv 455 engine minus the timing cover and distributor. Would a timing cover from a small block fit? Is this something that gives alot of trouble and that is why the cover was taken off the 455 I bought in the junkyard?<BR>farichms@westol.com

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Mike the timing cover houses the oil pump and is a high wear item especially if the engine did not recieve timely oil changes. Since Buick stop making these years ago and they haven't made the 455 since 75-76, many guys go looking for good ones in the boneyards. The cover is made of aluminum and the pump gears are made of steel. As the pump and oil heat up there is a normal increase in clearances due to the different expansion rates of the two metals. This drops oil pressure. Add wear to the equation and you have a recipe for spun rod bearings. If you plan to spin the engine past 5000 RPM, you need a minumum of 60 psi at the front of the motor. (get an autometer mech gauge) oil pressure will vary in a buick engine front to rear depending on pump condition and bearing clearances. My advice to you is to get a good timing cover. If you find a good used one , have someone go over it and check the clearances by disassembling the pump. The weak point of this engine is the oiling system. The TA performance reproduction is an excellent piece. ( I have one on mine) The cover is not cheap at 400.00 ( 700.00 with a new properly set up pump. Good Luck.<BR> Larry

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