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A Fun Day at the Yard


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Last Thursday morning I met Gary D at the Vancouver PicknPull. We had never met before but Gary offered to help me remove the front bumper from an '89. The removal was straightforward and relatively easy; having two people really does help.

We also got the brake pump and switch and all four wheel speed sensors. The rear sensors came out easily; the fronts needed quite a bit of persuasion.

It was half-price day so we did pretty well. Also made a new friend; it helps having someone trustworthy holding up their end of the bumper while you're on your back ratcheting off the bolts on your end. Thanks Gary.

Barney: Vin # 1G4EC11C5KB904554 White/red/white no options, no pin stripe

While removing the bumper we noticed the Vin# was also on the inside, along with a sticker from Stockton Plating Inc.

Marck: The parts you asked about were already gone.

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