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ACD Festival 2012: Big Photo Gallery

Guest Magoo

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Here's a big gallery of photos from this weekend's 2012 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival... all taken at Eckhart Park yesterday morning before the parade.

ACD Festival 2012 | Mac's Motor City Garage

There were a few vehicles that weren't properly identified by owner, so if you can fill in the info, please chime in so they can be properly bathed in glory.

Big thank you to all the car owners for bringing them out for all of us to enjoy. And to the organizers for all that they do.

A few sample images from the big photo gallery....please help yourself to the photos.



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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing...did you get any pictures of the unrestored cars, they were supposed to be showcased this year? thanks....

I'm not quite sure what "year of the unrestored car" meant. Realistically, there are very few cars that can meet a rigid definition, especially if they are driven regularly. After all, these cars are 70+ years old. There were some cars on trailers I would call in mid-restoration.

Taken more liberally (as the organizers probably intended) the term "unrestored car" could well include the two pictured above -- the Cord 810 has plenty of road patina while the Duesenberg engine is Bill Schenk's Brunn Riviera, which is said to be quite original, relatively speaking, even though the paint and engine have been redone.

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As a bonus to the ACD Festival coverage at Motor City Garage, here's a cutaway painting of the Auburn 851 Supercharged Boattail Speedster by famed automotive artist Tony Matthews.

LINK: Tony Matthews Cutaway: Auburn 851 | Mac's Motor City Garage

If you're familiar with Tony's incredible cutaway renderings, you know he usually does highly sophisticated F1 cars and similar. Here's the Auburn in a whole new light.


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