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Reatta & Lotus


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Is this true as to why there is an LB in each Reatta VIN? I found the blurb below as part of a description on the sale of a Reatta on the Barrett-Jackson web site (a few year back):

"......In the late 80's when GM owned Lotus car Co. the Reatta was a combination of a Lotus body and Buick chassis and running gear. Thus the "LB" in the serial number."

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The entire story was off. Lotus had nothing to do with the Reatta.

Buick/GM used Hawtal-Whiting in England to develope the physical structure, from Buick design. This was done because of a lack of resources at GM and it also probably saved some $$$. Hawtal-Whiting Design & Engineering Co LTD was a division of Hawtal-Whiting Holdings PLC and they were acquired in Oct 2000 by Wagon PLC.

The December 2008 Bugle is a decent reference to all things Reatta. Helen Hutchins wrote about the Reatta development in that issue.

Helen was employed by GM in the LA office. She was also BCA President at one time and has a wealth of info on many Buick areas.

The hard tooling was done in Japan for the same reasons. But as we all know, the Reatta was totally built in the Lansing Craft Centre.

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A bit of fabricated lore, undoubtedly conjured up to increase the bid at B-J. Those who are selling are often inclined to cook up (or relay previously read/heard) accounts of fictitious grandiosity in an effort to talk up the reputation and thereby justify a price higher than the market would otherwise bear. This stuff has been going on as long as there have been collector cars.

A lot of this is seen now with regard to the Reatta because many owners think (or at least hope) that they will achieve status as coveted collectible automobiles. I'll not further debate the potential for that here (has been beaten to death on this forum before) but whether that ever occurs or not, expect the hyperbole employed in trying to make a sale to go on unabated.


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