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Chrome arrived back from Tri-City Plating

Dwight Romberger

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Your chrome seems to have come out very nice. As you know I had a number of pieces done at Tri-City and was very pleased with the quality of their work as well as the fact that their prices were reasonable. I say reasonable because no one does this kind of quality work cheaply, the two terms being mutually exclusive with respect to chrome. The only drawback is they don't work with potmetal items (ferrous metal only) so I had to send some of my plating to a different outfit. My car is currently at Eastern Rod and Customs in Raleigh, NC being painted and they mentioned to me they send their chrome work to Tri-City as well.

Take Care,

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I used Lakeside Custom Plating in Ohio for my potmetal and was happy with their work. I believe they are somewhat cheaper than some of the other chrome shops:

Chrome plating, car restoration, classic cars. Conneaut, OH.

With respect to my paint I figured that Eastern Rod and Customs would be the best choice for the pink and purple flame job I had in mind...

Actually there was some metal fabrication I needed done in addition to the paint and they were the best shop in my area for that. One of the fender wells in my front sidemounts was completely rusted out and had to be recreated. I was unable to locate a replacement or acceptable substitute anywhere, so I had them make one from scratch. VERY pricey but they did excellent work.


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Gnarly Dude! Purple and pink flames is their signature paint job!


Thanks everyone for the chromer recommendations.

Qual Chrome, Paul's, and Lakeside Custom plating are all going to be at Fall Hershey (1 hr. away), so I will get a quote from all three, and go with the best!


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