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Is this a Dodge Brothers visor?

Pete K.

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I'm hoping somebody here on the Dodge Brothers Forum can verify this big old metal sun visor is an accessory Dodge part, or standard equipment for a particular Dodge Brothers car. There is no markings what so ever on the visor. I wanted to try this forum first before the AACA "What's-It?" heading, since almost all the very early parts I recently obtained are for Dodge cars, 1922- 1926. If you notice, the visor has clamp-on fittings, it looks to me that it must clamp to a post, as like an open car's windshield frame. Does the closed cars have some kind of a post this would clamp to? I can't picture this visor on my '25 tourer, and I don't believe I've ever seen a visor like this even ON an open car. I suppose it would work though! You can click on the photo's 3X to get a close up of the clamp part. Any input or photo's of this set-up "in action" would be very much appreciated!---Pete.

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