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I'm looking for stainless steel 15" trim rings for a 1948 Chrysler Windsor with 11" hubcaps. Can anyone recommend a source? Also, is there a source you do not recommend (due to quality of product or service)? I don't mind going with new parts.

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Oh Boy!

Chrysler trim rings subject strikes again. Good luck with this. Try searching the subject for threads about this.

Are you looking for the "full" or wide trim rings or the narrower ones?

Chrysler played a lot of "games" when it came to trim rings. The width of the wheel rim is key to determining what trim rings will work.

The wide, full trim rings can only be used on the 6" wide rims. You said you have 11" hubcaps so you may have the wider rims.

There used to be someone that reproduced the full, wide trim rings but I believe he retired from that. There is no one else, that I know of, that repros these. Finding good used ones or NOS are nearly impossible. IF you find them you need to make sure they are correct and will fit your wheels.

You can get the narrower trim rings from Bill Hirsch and/or Kanters. They repro thode.


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