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Dash Assembly


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We have a dash assembly we found in a friends garage that we have no idea what it goes to. Hoping someone on here can help us identify it. In case the pictures aren't clear enough, here are some details:

Top Left: Oil Pressure Gauge. Marked with Hancock Charlotte Michigan

Top Right: Battery Meter. Three positions Off Charge and Discharge

Center: Carb Controls

Bottom Left: Ignition Switch Off, Neutral, Start

Bottom Right: Headlight Control. Off Dim On

Sorry the picture is not the best. I believe if you click on the image it will get larger. Having camera challenges tonight. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Mike


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Thanks for passing the info along Steve and for helping us identify. The dash piece is owned by my father in laws friend. I don't think he wants to sell it....he was more just trying to find out what it went to. Thanks again.

PS. I'm Doug Hulls son in law. He said he was going to contact you after you had identified it but he's been real busy. Probably getting ready for Hershey I'm sure.

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