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model t barn find, Need to know what it is!!!


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Looks like a combination of parts. Fenders are not crowned, appear to have 3 rivets on top indicating 1915 front fenders. Hood, windshield, and radiator shell look to be 1917-1922. Home made buckboard type body.


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Take a look at the serial number, stamped above the water outlet. This number was typically used when registering an auto with the state. Post the number and we can tell you what day, month, and year it was made. Oldford is right, this looks like a combination of parts from many years with a homemade or kit body.

Good luck.

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Model T MFP was and still is a common end for left over Model T parts. A great parade car and fun for the whole family.

The "MFP" stands for Made From Parts. Trying to make believe it a is factory produced Model T Ford is a stretch

of fantasy even though all the parts are possible Model T Ford from many years.

The Model T Ford was produced from 1908 thru 1927, but changes occurred constantly. This example includes many of those

changes. The fact that it still runs and drives is testimony to the durability of all Model T's. Enjoy it.

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