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eBay auctions that make you laugh! (and go hummm?)

Amphicar BUYER

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This guy wants at least $15k too much for his Amphicar, yet could not be bothered to take the junk off of it nor get any decent photos! It's missing parts and obviously not well thought of. I see this a lot and it just makes you wonder what they are thinking.

I added the rest of his photos so you could see it without going to ebay.





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This listing generated lots of discussion on MB forum a couple weeks ago. Sold out of F-40 Motorsports, Wayne Carini's place not far from me. Aside from star power, (although the car is not linked to Wayne by ownership as far as I know) this is pretty strong money even though this is essentially a brand new "107" chassis SL:

Mercedes-Benz : SL-Class 560sl in Mercedes-Benz | eBay Motors

In terms of making you laugh, this definately drew some laughs even from die hard "107" chassis fans ('72 - '89 SL & SLC series cars)

The Hmmm... part: In 1987 these were close to $60K new, I do think it is interesting that the sell price exceeded the original sticker price by around a third. This is not always the case with 20 - 25 year old cars that are virtually new and surface to be sold with under say 1,000 miles (think Corvettes, Prowlers, etc.- not that rare to see).

The other hmmm...part: What do you do with it? With low mile examples at/about $20K, and the occasional ultra low mile example (under 10,000 miles) surfacing at/around $30K, driving this car over the 1,000 mile mark, IMO will kill the value.

As another friend said, "When I see an SL with extremely low miles, I always think someone has missed out on a lot of fun" hmm...

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I was looking for a 1962 Imperial at one point. Kept coming across an Ebay auction for a 1963 LeBaron that looked like it was pulled out of a junkyard. Not one piece that didn't need work done to it. But it supposedly had every option. So the seller was asking $100,000.00. When mint ones go for less than $25,000.

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In Crosleys we have a few well established parts vendors that have virtually anything you might need to rebuild a car. What I always find funny are those people who bid/buy stuff from unknowns on e-bay that could be bought from an established vendor (who would stand by what he sold) and pay far more than it could have been bought from that vendor!! It just doesn't make any sense!!

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The Amphicar eBay ad may be one of those 'wife said to sell it but I really don't want to' ads:

"I know, honey, I know.........we need the garage cleaned out so you can park in it. But I've tried to sell the Amphicar several times on eBay, and not been successful. Don't understand, it was priced cheap too. I guess we will just need to keep it. But I did try to sell it several times like you told me to.........."

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I see similar things where they say, "better photos posted soon" (they never do!) Well why not just wait until you have better pictures before you post the ad? This guy like so many I've seen could have spent <10 minutes and at least taken the boxes off and out of the car. He won't even see a bid.

When I am in the market for another driver, it amazes me how many don't even clean out the trash or even wash the car. McD bags, old food, coffee cups 1/2 full, and other junk. I have bought more than one car that all I did was spend a couple hours detailing it and flipped it for good money. One I make $3k for 90 mins of work! A Corvair I had recently netted me about $80/hr. It's not a carreer choice, but sometimes when you see a deal... (this Amphi is NO deal!!!)

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