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Suggestions for Auburn, Indiana for Labor Day weekend

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Visited Fall Auburn last year on my way back from seeing a friend up in Michigan last Labor Day weekend, making my way through town on Sunday. Went through the ACD and NATMUS Museums, spent several hours, took a ton of pictures, loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, I didn't plan my day right, and as I continued south through town, a real downpour took place as I arrived at the swap meet, and left for home shortly thereafter, noting in my mind that I've gotta get back there next year, which is now this year!

Things being what they are, I am only going to be in town for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday); while I know that things are already underway and really should attend the whole gig start to finish, any advice, suggestions, etc. for some things to consider that are unique to the Auburn experience would be welcomed. I am a veteran of Carlisle, and have attended every Hershey meet the last dozen years or so, so I'm not a rookie, but since this is a different venue, any thoughts for me to keep in mind for this visit will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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