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Going to look at an '86 Ford F250 with 6.9L Diesel....

Guest Twilight Fenrir

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Guest Twilight Fenrir


I've been looking for a truck for awhile now... something big, and ugly enough I wouldn't feel bad about ever scrape on the paint I'd get... Something I could haul a car trailer with. And something Diesel... Prefereably with a manual, 4wd, and/or Duallies :D

I've found a truck on craigslist that meets most of my requirements... and the price is certainly right at $1800. It's curiously rust-free for a Minnesota vehicle... Really wish it had a manual transmission though....

I've always wanted a diesel truck... And I know the basics of their opperations, but I don't really know what to look for in terms of actually buying one... I understand the fuel system is very important, as is the glow-plug system. (At least, it was on the Chevy engines of the era) So what should I be looking for?

Also, I realize the turbo wasn't a stock item at the time... so if it truely has a turbo, it's aftermarket... is there any way that can be badly screwed up that I should be looking for?

My researching on the internet turned up, that the engines are, overall, increadibly reliable, and regularly get 3-400K+ miles... They do have a potential for head-gasket issues though, which can be solved with some studs if it becomes a problem. Other than that, I didn't find any quirks about the engine. Though, I don't know much about the rest of the truck. As much as I make fun of Fords, their trucks are generally pretty tough as I understand....


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