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1938 Pontiac coupe or cabriolet front sheet metal

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Parting out a rare 1938 Pontiac cabriolet roadster (only 5 know to exist) These parts should work on your coupe. Parts need restoration and fabrication as they have typical rust, dents, dings and some old body work. For sale are the hood, hood drop sides, hood trim, fenders, 2 sets of bucket lights, 2 grills, center silver streak trim strip, 3 lower silver streak trim strips and Indian hood ornament, all for $1300. Local pick only.

I also have the rear fenders, 4 bumpers, 8 bumper guards, 4 artillery wheels, steering wheel/column, flat head 6 motor, transmission, 2 gauges, 2 clocks, breaks, suspension and trim items for sale separately.




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A very fine car when/if restored

June 15 2012 http://forums.aaca.org/f169/1938-pontiac-roadster-color-black-blue-330453.html#post1047051

Just picked up this 1938 Pontiac cabriolet 2 seat roadster in upstate NY. She just arrived in Oakland CA, and will receive a full resto! I'm thinking midnight blue or black. Love your feedback on the color.

June 27 2012 http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1938-ponitac-grill-handles-wanted-331174.html#post1051393

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Judging by what is for sale and what is NOT for sale I think this beauty is doomed already.

Howard Dennis

Howard, gotta agree. I once sold a 38 chev cabro very very similar n every way. brought an obscene price and I COULD not

BELEVE the passion several people indicated; think some would have given theiir firstborn, but first guy was fIrst served. Bet

ths seller is gettng deluged with offers. THere were only 1700 of the chev cabriios in 1938; I bet even less of ths rare bird!


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