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1939 Buick interior door handle....help!


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Almost completed my restoration and I broke my 1939 Buick Century interior door handle. It is the type with the maroon plastic insert.

The original plastic insert is still good, but the chrome handle is broken.

Can anyone help me?

Could also use the stainless steel escutcheon with maroon plastic ring behind it that all go behind the handle.

Thank you

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Bobs unlikely to have the handles with insert. An elderly gent here in Melb Australia used (does?) make is cast stainless steel for Bob's.

Skip Boyer makes reproduction maroon plastic ring (barboy ? on Ebay)

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Thanks but fellow member Mike Kent came to my rescue. Wouldn't even take money.

What a great guy!

But does he drink beer !

Is this for the seat bracket, handle, maroon plastic ring & stainless steel escutcheon ?

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Was able to get a 1939 Interior door handle, but not exactly the one that matches my other handles. What I need is the kind that have a maroon plastic triangular insert set into the handle. I am interested in what you have even if the plastic is bad or missing If you have one, a pic would help.


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