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Chrysler TC for ItalianCarfest - Texas?

Guest TX907

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We have a special class at our show, ItalianCarFest, this year. The Italian Connection - it will be a display of cars with partial Italian heritage. Cars styled by Italian firms like the BMW M1 and DeLorean. The Citroen SM (powered by Maserati), Cadillac Allante, etc. We would really like to find someone to enter a Chrysler TC! So far, we have not been able to locate any from the other shows we have attended.

The show will be held on Saturday, September 8th in Grapevine, Texas (between Dallas and Fort Worth).


If anyone has any questions, you can email me at DucatiGuy@gmail.com.



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Guest My TC Toy


Welcome to the thread. I would jump at the opportunity to respond to your invitation but, unfortunately, I am in Newfoundland, Canada and it would be an extremely long drive to attend. I am sure someone much closer will jump at the opportunity to display their car. It is not often we get an invitation to attend a car show such as yours, especially with the possibility of being the only one on display. Good luck with your show.


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If you started driving now....

I haven't seen any at a few shows I have been to this year. They are getting even more rare.

We already have a BMW M1, DeLorean and Allante. The TC is even more Italian. Hope we can find one.

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