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Last spring the Durant Motors Automobile Club East Coast Chapter had it's spring meeting in Kalamazoo. We all took a day trip to Gilmore and had a great time. Photographed the club cars in attendance in front of the old gas station. If you have not been there it is well worth the trip. One of the nicest museums I've been to and plenty of room to grow. I highly recommended it.

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Guest Nancy DeWitt
Nancy,my brother and i were talking after the museum visit.We decided your museum as well,is on the bucket list.

Please do come visit! We're not as big as the Gilmore, but we have some cars you won't see anywhere else. Plus, you can add on salmon fishing and a trip to Denali for giggles.

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Guest billybird

Wonderful place! Been there twice {AACA Meets }. Had lunch in the 50's diner on the grounds, I even have a brick in front of the gas station with my families name on it. Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!

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