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Need help identifying an early car

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my dad sad he has seen one before but cant just remember, but he said he nos forsure it is the same car the claments use to drive, the tv show, he is sorry he cant help any other way, sounds strange, but it does look the same?

I believe that the Clampetts drove a 1922 Oldsmobile. The one in question is more like 1911 or earlier, I believe.


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Only a VERY successful farmer when the car was new. By 1914 it would have been an 8 year old used car and since designs were changing quite fast, the value of used cars fell percentage wise faster than they do today. Would guess that he got a car to get around fast to his different occupations in different locations. Even at that, my grandfather bought his first car in 1929 well after he had gotten a tractor.

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