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47 super rear torque tube seal

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The rear end on my super has been leaking at the torque tube seal for some time now, so Ive decided to replace the seal, also pack rear bearings. Fortunetly I have a hoist available for doing jobs like this, I got every thing apart and the rear axil to point to slide it back but the spline would not come out of the pinion gear, does any one know why, the unit repair manual is very vague on this.

Thanks Don

1947 56 C

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I would like to help, but I find you post confusing. I assume that your reference to the pinion gear is the gear in the differential that meshes with the ring gear. This pinion gear is attached to the drive shaft and is splined but there is also and pin that holds the two together. This pin has to be driven out to separate the pinion gear from the drive axle. Generally, the pinion gear does not enter into the proicedure fro replacing the torque ball seal sytem.

Joe, BCA 33493

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