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The '70 is almost complete.


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I say it is almost complete as opposed to finished, since in this hobby are we ever really finished?

Made some major progress the last 2 weekends buffing paint & getting the trim back on the car. :)

All that is left is the rear bumper, windshield and rear window trim, and get the vinyl top along the quarters glued back down and its trim installed. Planning on driving it Labor Day weekend!


The trim running down the center of the hood is the trim from the '68 hood that I used. I like the looks of that style of trim better than the flat piece used in '70.

I have to find some trim clips for the trim on the lower rear quarters just behind the wheel. I have enough for one side, but not both. I either lost the baggie for one side, or enough of them broke when I removed them years ago that I only was left with enough for one side.

Fortunately, Metro Moulded Rubber Parts is local to me, and I can run up there on my lunch hour in the coming days to find matching clips, or something that will work just as well.




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