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Help! Unbolted grille, can't get it out! ('71 Riv)

Josh Noiles

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Hey guys! Josh from N.S. Canada here. Any help on how to remove the grille in a '71 Riv? Mine has been cracked, broken and crooked since I bought the car. No luck tracking one down as of yet, so I decided to remove it and take it to a local plastic repair guy.

I unbolted the (few) remaining intact studs and figured I could just lift the grille up and out the front of the car, (my bumper is intact in the original style, not split), but it will not come out through that opening! Just wondering if anyone can tell me what is the best piece to take off the front of the Riv so that I can complete this.

Rant: Why couldn't they have made this damn thing out of pot metal like the '72? Such a beautiful design made of such terrible material! My only dislike of this entire car! My brother has a 1971 Grand Prix: the grille is made of metal and is as strong as a cow catcher! Have come across a number of '72 grilles and many have asked me why I just don't throw one on... but I am smitten by the look of the '71, and how it's tucked in at the edges is just such a wonderful cue. I know if someone starts repopping these things they are going to have customers. I'd be first in line.

Oh and in case you're wondering: If any one has a lead on a '71 grille, I'm desperate, desperate, desperate!

Thanks so much guys. :)

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