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Electrical Issue 89 Riviera - Dash Panel backlights on

Guest luvmy89riv

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Guest luvmy89riv

I have an electrical issue my 89 Riv1. All the fuses have been checked with a meter. The dash panel backlights will come on when the headlights turn on as they should with the key in the ignition. When I take the key out I discovered is that with the 'delay', the headlights will stay on however long you have the slide set to the time, BUT when I am in the car and the delay time has expired before I shut the car door, the panel backlights will go out. BUT...when I get out of the car and shut the car door BEFORE the 'delay' for the headlights is timed out, the headlights will turn off, and the panel backlights inside will stay on. Now the BIG question here is 'what causes the backlights to stay on even though the headlights go out??' I did have the drivers side door switch replaced about a year ago. That is what one of the electrical repair shops thought that was the problem. So, the switch should be good. ?? When I look through my car door window and see that my panel lights are still on, I open the car door and when the door switch turns the interior lights on, the panel backlights will also turn off. So, at this point, I am thinking that it could be something in the BCM that is messing up and not turning the panel backlights off automatically along with the headlights after the delay time and I get out of the car. About 1 year ago, I did replace the headlights button panel. So, other than the door switch, light button panel or the BCM, is there anything else that could be the issue? Is there a separate power supply for the panel lights for the lights and wipers? Does the BCM control the turning off of the dash panel backlights?

Thanks for your HELP!


Twin Rivs


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Hello Ray,

It's probably due to the fact that this is a Reatta board that you've gotten no response. That and it's Sunday.

But, the cars share common / similar issues

I gotta say though that those are the two best looking Rivi's I've ever seen. I used to own a White / Burgandy one like yours

but, mine never looked anywhere as nice. Makes me wish I still owned one.

Anyway... If you know how to bring up the diagnostic codes via the CRT, see if you've got a B420 listed.

I might be barking up the wrong tree but it's a start. Good luck.

John F.

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I think that the 89 is now junk and you will have to sell it. If no one claims it I'll maybe take it off your hands.

Seriously those are two beautiful cars you have there. I have wanted one for some time, but not yet.

Back to your lights. The Reatta does not have the "delay" you refer to, it is a Riv only feature. However I think you should read the codes that might be tripped. If you don't know how to do that, go to Ronnies site www.reattaownersjournal.com for how to. Then report back. After we have those numbers we will ask you to go back and get some of the values shown on the BCM inputs. I don't know what they are offhand, but I am sure one of the smarter guys will chime in with what input codes he will need.

Good luck!

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