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1954 New Yorker Automatic Trasmission Fluid

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In the 1968 model year, Chrysler started transitioning from the prior Type A, Suffix A automatic transmission fluid into the then-new Dexron atf. GM readily claimed that Dexron (all of the evolving variations thereof, over the years . . . Dexron II, Dexron III, etc.) are backward compatible all the way to their 1949 automatic transmissions, which also used the Type A atf back then. Personally, I would NOT use the current Dexron VI semi-syn atf, though.

As GM has "moved on" to a higher level of Dexron atf, the older stuff is now marketed as "Multi-Make" atf, so you'll have to look farther to see if the particular fluid's main target market is older GM vehicles which would have needed Dexron III fluid. All GM currently sells is the Dexron VI fluid as their new 6-speed automatics require it to work right.

Valvoline (and a few others) currently have "hi-mileage" Dexron-spec atf, which also has some seal conditioner already in it. This might be a consideration for any vehicle with an automatic trans with some age or miles on it.

IF you look hard enough, you can still generally find Type A atf in some auto supplies or convenience stores. Only thing is that the newer Dexron fluids are far superior in so many operational orientations to the earlier fluids, including the level of things in their additive package.

Just some thoughts,


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