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paging jimmieb re;340-4 build-up


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hey jimmie b , yellowlark directed me to you as the 340 guy .i am looking into building my 340-4 as a daily street driver with some terror in reserve.what kind of perf. parts besides cams are available? i have poston,T/A,CARS,kenne bell& year one catalogs,but this motor seems to be forgotten.i tried the search,but you have no id# to reference cause your not a registered user.340 topic brings up a bunch of topics that would take days to read thru.is the 340 considered a nailhead motor?i have had 3 of the wildcat 310 motors (300-2)over the last 20 years,the 340 has more of a v shape than my 300's.will a quadrejet bolt on to (and function correctly)the stock manifold? i have a starwars air cleaner from my dececed 67 GS 400,that the bottom plate wont seal on the AFB.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!! wink.gif" border="0

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