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David Corbin

Bill Stoneberg

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David Corbin passed away today due to Cancer. I dont know how old he was. He went quickly. Pete saw him last week and said he looked fine.

David was an industrial engineer for Buick and had a lifelong passion for Buick's. He had one of the 1938 Self Shifter's and would tell you in great detail about it.

He collected body & frame numbers and could tell you when and where your car was built almost to the day.

He was co chairman of both the meets in Plano and had a passion for getting it right.

He was South Central Coordinator till this past year.

He will be missed at the regional meets in Texas.

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Sorry to hear of Dave's passing. He was a wonder "wizard" with Buick numbers. He had provided information for me on more than one occasion. I hope that all of the data that he collected about Buick's is preserved so that it can be utilized by Buick hobbist for years to come. Not to question Bill on his work career as maybe he did work for Buick but I knew of him from his many years with International Harvester having worked at the East Moline, IL plant and later the IH World Headquarters at 401 N. Michigan AVE in Chicago. A good man and he will be missed. My sympathy goes to his family. May he rest in peace!

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Guest Mike Hanning

I am saddened to learn of Dave's passing. Dave made me very welcome when I attended the Plano National meet and went out of his way to announce to all present that I was a visiting BCA member from New Zealand. A wonderful introduction that left a lasting impression on me of Dave the kind, caring and helpful person willing to assist his fellow BCA members in so many ways.

My deepest sympany to his Family at this sad time. Condolances from all Buick enthusiasts in New Zealand.

Mike Hanning.

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Dave was a very generous man with the detailed information he had accumulated over many years. I hope that someday his book of Buick data will be published in his memory. We will all miss him on this forum and future BCA events.

My sincere condolences go out to all his friends and family.

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Guest outlaw car man

The Buick community has lost a great resource and a great friend. Dave was so helpful to me by going over all the little things on my 1933 Buick 90s, while on a visit here in Colorado. Every little nut & bolt to the engine, knew it all. Was the absolute go to guy for all the VIN numbers-

Sadly missed. My best to his wife & family-

Sandy Jones



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Next week it is Tallulah's 60th birthday. The only reason I know that is because of David Corbin.

I've never met him nor spoken to him, but following advice from this forum I sent him a PM some months ago and here was his prompt reply:

Dear Erik:

6,840,577 was built around week 2 of August 1952 at Flint and shipped to KC. The end 7 confirms it's an engine for a Roadmaster.

4 is the plant code for KC and 6,626,999 is a frame number probably from week 1 of September, 1952.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Dave Corbin <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

I wonder how many strangers like me have called upon David with requests and how many hours we have taken of his time without David ever complaining?

What an amazing selfless knowledgebase we have lost.

David, you will be truely missed!


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This is very sad news indeed. I spoke and corresponded with Dave quite a bit and was always impressed by not only his knowledge, but by his willingness to spend a great deal of his own time to help a total stranger. I never failed to get an answer from him, and if he didn't have the exact facts I needed, he had enough that the rest could be interpolated or deduced. A first-rate gentleman in every sense of the word.

Rarely am I moved to write something when I learn of someone's passing, but this is one of those rare occasions. We've lost not just a great resource, but a fine person as well. Best wishes to his family, I will have a good thought for them today.

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I clicked on sad news today. Dave will be missed by me and countless other Buick fans that he selflessly helped over the years. He always had a kind and encouraging word no matter how confused I was.

My condolences to his family, and may God comfort them through his Holy Spirit until that glorious day when they are reunited in Heaven.

One last thank you from me Dave.

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Dave's passing is indeed a loss, to the Buick community of course, but to the entire old-car universe as well.

Certain individuals just stand out among our peers, being the ones who go "THE EXTRA MILE". Dave personified that "extra mile" mentality, and went to great lengths for a great many of us. He absolutely did for me when I was in the process of documenting my three pre-war Buicks. He had accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and was generous about sharing.

I offer my condolences to Dave's family, and trust that they may be comforted by the knowledge that he lived his life as one who unselfishly helped others.

Rest in peace, Dave - you made a difference, and we appreciate your having passed our way.

Marty Roth, Director

AACA Tour Committee

AACA Development & Support - Central Division




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Guest Rhinelander Rob

I have not logged into the forum in quite a while. I was stunned & saddened to see this post about Dave. I have had a few conversations with him at national meets over the years and always enjoyed talking with him.

He was a fountain of information and a great guy who will be missed.


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